Why Outsourcing
You're moving your software development work offshore. Sure, you're driving down labor costs, but the business is demanding more from you in a difficult economic climate. Research reveals that the most successful businesses view Information Technology (IT) as a strategic asset to help them stand apart in their markets.

They seek to leverage IT as a key driver of high performance. FengXing delivers proactive guidance to help you create a technology environment that is flexible and responsive-one in which applications can generate gains throughout the enterprise.

With an eye to your future, FengXing software outsourcing services can significantly reduce IT costs while improving service, quality and delivery capability. IT outsourcing services can transform an organization's IT capabilities and effectively enable a broader strategic agenda.

About Us
The Silicon Valley-based FengXing (FX) is a leading provider of IT solutions that leverages the technical talent pool in the emerging outsourcing centers in China's second-tier cities in conjunction with Silicon Valley management to provide exceptional value in a timely manner with high quality. With headquarters in San Mateo, branch offices in Chicago and Boston, and delivery centers in Changsha and Chengdu, FX specializes in clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

With unparalleled capabilities and proven expertises, FengXing Software is rapidly expanding its core R&D centers and has built strong partnerships and outsourcing alliances with top IT service providers
around the world. It committed to maintaining technological leadership across all components of
operations to ensure that our clients constantly receive the most effective solution and service.

Why Choose US
Our local team members have many years software application development experience as architects, project managers, and project lead developers. All of them know Chinese as a native language so they can effectively communicate with both our clients and offshore developers to overcome the language and culture barriers.


We developed one of the largest retailers in
the US's next generation social commerce
program based on our proprietary next
generation search engine (semantic search).
The total investment is more than 15 million
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